C.I. Food Corporate Vision

In anticipation of the challenges brought about by the 21st century and the Asean Free Trade Agreement (AFTA), the chairman of C.I. Food, Mr Chew Kim Pin has brought to bear his excellent leadership, foresight, and spirit of perseverance to develop a three-pronged strategy aimed at manufacturing delicious food products of surpassing quality, and modern efficient services to both the public at large and business partners alike.  This three-pronged strategy consist of: excellence in business, excellence in production, and excellence in management.
  Excellence in
  To develop key immediate term, medium term, and long-term goals with a focus on sustainability. To maintain a stable market and create win-win circumstances with business partners and stakeholders.

  Excellence in Production  
  To implement a process of continuous improvement to manufacturing processes and methods. To strengthen and focus on research and development projects. To constantly introduce new, heathy and delicious products, to adhere to the spirit and the letter of ISO 9002, and HACCP quality control requirements.

  Excellence in Management  
  To establish a corporate culture which empowers and values each individual employee. To establish a management culture which focuses on systems, data, and technology optimization. To place the delight and satisfaction of the customer as a corporate imperative. To create a unified goal of continuously discovering and implementing best practices and up to date management methods.  
  The C.I. Food Pledge  
  • We reject all forms of pretentiousness and impracticality
  • We are guided by our own sense of conscience in all our endeavours
  • We will always pursue learning, innovation and growth
  • We will work towards the betterment of society
  • We stand for responsibility, trust and mutual care
  • We will always be sincere, harmonious and joyful

The C.I. Food Charter of Values

The C.I. Food vision
To only provide food which is made with conscience to the masses
The C.I. Food mission
To be the lead to movement towards to proliferation and demand for food which is made with conscience
The C.I. Food core belief
The only way to be sustainable forever, is to always bring our conscience to bear when producing our food products
The C.I. Food principle
To introduce the importance of food made with conscience, so that the consumer will insist and demand to consume only food made with conscience
The C.I. Food dicta
To learn and innovate, to be sincere and true
The C.I. Food client charter
To exceed our clients expectation in value
The C.I. Food Service charter
To allow our consumers to purchase our products with maximum ease
The C.I. Food product charter
Safe, Hygienic, Healthy, Delicious
The C.I. Food social responsibility charter
To benefit society as we are benefited by society
The C.I. Food principles of action
Conscientious, sincere, ethical
The C.I. Food way
Serious, swift, committed
The C.I. Food commitment
See every task through, no excuses or compromise

The C.I. Food Food Safety Policy

C.I. Food Sdn. Bhd. Is committed in conducting business in the best interest of our customer by;

1.Establish effective food safety management system

2.Continuously strive to provide safe, reliable and quality products

3.Constant training competence employees to achieve our missions
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